A Chapter A Day

A Chapter a Day 2018 Bible
Reading Schedule For Reading
The New Testament Daily

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.
Psalm 119:105

Below are helpful online tools for 
researching GOD'S Word to the fullest.






                        1        Matt 24
                        2        Matt 25
                        5        Matt 26
                        6        Matt 27
                        7        Matt 28
                        8        Mark 1
                        9        Mark 2

                        12      Mark 3
                        13      Mark 4
                        14      Mark 5
                        15      Mark 6
                        16      Mark 7

                        19      Mark 8
                        20      Mark 9
                        21      Mark 10
                        22      Mark 11
                        23      Mark 12

                        26      Mark 13
                        27      Mark 14
                        28      Mark 15

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Just Something To Think About!

Satan is a legalist, he takes every word 
you say for what it means not 
what you mean when you say it! 

Satan WILL fulfill your words!
 examples:  My feet are killing me!
You scared me to death! 

Speak GOD'S Word always with everything and in every situation!
Earn your Ph.D - Passed Having Doubts!
You are either in faith or getting beat up!
Just Something To Think About!
No one has ever gone to hell for
murder, lying, stealing, adultery...
The only sin that will put someone in hell is not asking JESUS into their heart!
"FAITH is the connector to hearing from GOD. It is not GOD'S fault 
you don't hear from HIM. 
It's your fault for not listening 
because you don't spend enough 
time in HIS Word to know HIS Voice!"
- Marilyn Biesel
JESUS Said, "I AM The Way, 
The Truth, and The Life..."

GOD'S WORD works for those 
who work It!

Confess The Truth Until You 
Change The Fact!

The Fact - The Doctor says You 
Have A Disease! 
The Truth - By HIS Stripes 
You Are Healed!
-John B. Biesel
Tuff times don't last but tuff people do!
Confess Daily:
My parts are written in GOD'S Book.  
You go the way GOD has designed you to be!  
All my parts be Whole, be Complete, be in Agreement with GOD'S Book! I've been designed and fearfully and wonderfully made! All my parts are intact complete whole nothing missing nothing broken,  I receive what the Book says about me!
John 10:3
The gatekeeper opens the gate 
for HIM, and the sheep recognize 
HIS voice and come to HIM.
HE calls HIS OWN Sheep by name
and leads them out. 

John 10:14
I AM the Good Shepherd; 
I know MY OWN Sheep, 
and they know ME... 

John 10:4-5
I hear the voice of GOD 
and not that of a stranger

"God's still the Healer!  He never changes 
 and He never will!"  

1 Corinthians 6, talks about the body is not for sin, 
but it's for The LORD, and The LORD is for the body!  
If you're going to use the body for wrong, 
perverted and sinful stuff, 
you're going to have problems with your body.  

But if you'll repent and say, 
"No, my body is to serve The LORD with!"  

Well then, The LORD will be able to take responsibility 
for keeping you in good shape and keeping you going.
God doesn't need to keep you healthy 
so you can sin against Him!

-Keith Moore www.moorelife.org
Study this book of instruction continually.  
Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do. This is My command--be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. 
For The LORD your God is with you wherever you go! 
Joshua 1:8-9

God will keep us in perfect peace who's mind stays on Him!

If your Bible is torn a part your Life is Not!

When He was on the Cross - you where on His Mind!

Growth means Change!

Fear has torment and there is NO torment in God!

It is dangerous to make Emotional Decisions!

It is not God's failure to heal us!
It is our failure to receive it!

God can't do anything you can't believe!
God can do everything you can believe!

To Fear God is to adoringly Reverence Him,
and to Stand in Awe of Him!

Let God put His Super on your natural!

    1   Ex 23-24
    2   Ex 25-27
    3   Ex 28
    4   Prov 3:19-25, Ps 18
    5   Ex 29
    6   Ex 30-32
    7   Ex 33-34
    8   Ex 35-37
    9   Ex 28-40
  10   Lev 1-4
  11   Ps 19-21; Prov 4:1-19
  12   Lev 5-7
  13   Lev 8-9
  14   Lev 10-12
  15   Lev 13
  16   Lev 14
  17   Lev 15-16
  18   Ps 22-24; Prov 4-20-5:14
  19   Lev 17-18
  20   Lev 19-20
  21   Lev 21-22
  22   Lev 23-24
  23   Lev 25
  24   Lev 26-27
  25   Ps 25-27; Prov 5:15-23
  26   Num 1
  27   Num 2
  28   Num 3

A prayer Brother Kenneth E. Hagin 
would pray before reading The WORD.

Abba Father,

As I read The WORD today I am asking 
that You grant me a spirit of wisdom and revelation, insight into mysteries and secrets 
in the deep and intimate knowledge of You. 
May the eyes of my heart be flooded with Light so I can know and understand the hope to which You have called me. I believe I will know and understand the immeasurable, unlimited and surpassing greatness of Your power in and for me. I believe I receive. Thank You, LORD. 
In Jesus' Name, Amen. 
*All WWP'S 
Welcomed Here!