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Everything Is Going To Be ALL-RIGHT!

Prophecy given Kenneth Copeland-2010 
Southwest Believers Convention
Friday, August 6, 2010

The world is in serious trouble.  But for the household of faith and those that will cling to My word and listen very carefully and do this thing that I have demonstrated before you tonight and night after night after night.  You can do that.  You can do it yourself.  You can stand in your place and you can worship and you can praise in the face of hell itself.  And you can praise yourself into that place where you say “Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Everything is going to be all right.”  The world I’ll tell you again is in serious trouble.  Some very hard things are coming in different places around the world.  Very difficult times in a lot of places.  They’re that way now but they’ll not get better.  They will continue to get worse and worse and worse.  It is on a downhill run that the world cannot stop.  But for the household of faith everything is going to be all right.  Everything is going to be all right.  Hallelujah.  Oh yeah.  You’ll have to make a stand.  You’ll have to fight the good fight of faith but when did you not have to do it?  These are dangerous times.  They’re dangerous times financially.  They’re dangerous times in the earth because the earth is weighted under a gross weight of sin.  And there are things and places and situations underneath the earth, in the oceans, in the heavens, things are being rattled and shaken and the earth is trying to break in different places.  Well, stand on My word and it’ll not come nigh you.  Praise and worship My name.  Don’t feed and feed fear and feed trouble into your life and into your mouth.  No, no, no, no.  Quit living in that house.  Get on back over here in the household of faith.  Feed on My word; not on the bread of sorrow.  Feed on My word.  Look in My face.  Praise and worship and praise and worship.  In church praise and worship and preach the Word.  Praise and worship and preach the Word.  Praise and worship and preach the Word.  Everything is going to be all right.  Hallelujah.  Hallelujah.

For as I’ve said and will continue to say until it becomes solid and strong in your spirit, your time has come.  It is your time to excel.  It is your time to do exceeding extraordinary things in the financial world, in the medical world, in all of the areas where the world is in such dire trouble and so confused.  They’re confused beyond their ability to understand how confused they really are and they’re hurting because of it and they’re crying out because of it and people are trying to take advantage of people because they’re so confused and because they’re so troubled.  And I’ll tell you right now.  There are politicians and there are so-called business people and there are thieves and there are all kinds of demonic folks that are trying to take advantage of My people during a confusing time.  And I’ll tell you right now, saith the Lord, you can write it down and you can know it for sure.  I won’t put up with it and I’ll stop them from doing such a thing.  And you’re going to see some things happen.  Fear not.  I have My eye on them.  They’ll go so far and no further.  Their end is already determined.  I’ll not put up with it, saith the Lord of grace.  I will not put up with it.  They have pushed Me and pushed Me and invited Me out of their lives and their thinking and in many cases and many personalities and many people that are at the forefront of the news in this hour, I have already turned over to a disobedient reprobate mind.  I am the Lord God and I’ll not have My people run roughshod.  My people that are crying out to Me.  I utter My word through My servant tonight and you make mark of it.  Everything is going to be all right in your house.  Hallelujah.
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A Word from The LORD came forth…          August 2010

I saw a clothes line stretched across the front of this chapel - on that line there were pages of paper and each one of them represented a date in time. I saw His presence go all the way across this line and unclip them and crinkle them up and He threw them away. 

He said, "I have already taken care of it. I can see it because I can see your future. I know your future and I know how it's going to turn out. I want you to see that I have taken care of every single one of those dates in time and they will turn out and they will turn out right, because your destiny will be fulfilled and it will turn out to be fulfilled right. It is My plan, My Word, My will, and My strength - and you will look back on specific dates in time and see that I was faithful to thee. I moved for you. I stopped things. I opened things. I made a way where there was no way. I brought healing your way. I brought provision your way. I brought you up when you were down. I brought you out when it seemed like you were locked up in some kind of darkness and I brought you into light. So, in these days to come - I want you to know by My Spirit I have taken care and have watched over you. And those dates will move on by and you will look back and see that I was faithful to you! So when you see those things out front - DO NOT TAKE A CARE! You can be aware, you know about it - you have a brain. But in your heart you must know that I will be faithful and take you over every hill, around every wall, through every door and even take you up where you think it's a new floor. Some things are closer than you would ever think and My hand will continue to move for you!" 
                  Living Word Christian Center http://www.lynnehammond.org/Home.html
The following prophecy was given in Morning Prayer on August 4, 2010 
at Living Word Christian Center:

"Let the shout arise from the camp of the glory of the Lord. Let a shout of victory rise! Let the shout of victory rise - for we have seen the walls pulled down and they will never rise again! So, let the shout of God's people arise, arise, arise. Let it be understood that the favor of God, that the blessing and provision of God, and His power and display have changed the course of things today. Things that seemed to be impossible a moment ago have been changed. Changed - miraculous, miraculous, miraculous provision, restoration, and protection have been done! So, let the shout arise - it's been done! It's been done! It's been done! So, as you rise today, let it be understood that you will say to this mountain be removed and it will be removed and let it be understood today that your destiny in full is in the plan of God and it is for good. So, do not fear and do not doubt - but rejoice in the good things that you have seen in your spirit - they shall come to pass for they are of Me." Saith the Lord. 

"Rejoice and know that your path has been cleared today - so, SHOUT! In the Spirit the shofar has been blown and in the Spirit the walls have been pulled down never to rise again. So let the sound of victory rise! Let the sound of joy arise! Let the sound of completeness arise!"
Prophecies *Link*
given to many leading 
men and women of GOD
starting from 1961
upto present...


Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland
on November 9, 2012
Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign

“There are those who think they’ve gotten rid of Me,” saith The LORD. “There are those who think if they ignore Me, then I’ll have little to say and little to do in their lives. But I have dealt with such matters. For many, many, many years I have dealt with government leaders. I have dealt with kings and pharaohs and the like. My people have faced tyrants, famines, killers, murderers: ah, but I’m still on the throne,” saith The LORD. “And prayer still changes things.

“No, no. No, no. I have never forgotten what happened on these shores. This is the only nation founded by a people who loved Me,” saith The LORD, “and desired to worship Me. And that was the purpose of the raising up of this nation. And I will never forget it,” saith God. “I do not forget the works of love. No, no. For the finest hour is yet to come. Oh, yeah. Oh, my, my. There are warring people, and there are demonic people, and there are people all over the world who would love to see the United States fall. And there are those who are saying, ‘It’s all over, it’s all over. They’ll never be again. They’ll never happen again.’ Ah, no. Don’t you believe it. Don’t you believe it. I’m not done here yet,” saith The LORD. “And this is the time I’ve been looking for. You’re the ones that I’ve been waiting for. You’re the ones who stand strong with Me. You’re the ones who are walking by faith. You’re the ones who are raising a voice toward Me.

“The best is yet ahead. The outpouring of My Spirit manifested in ways that other generations and other human beings have never seen before. Yes, the greatest transfer of property, wealth, influence from God ever known in the human race has begun. The Garden of Eden is Mine,” saith God, “and I want it back. And I am transferring it into the hands of My people, who will walk by love, walk in the WORD, walk by faith, and open their hearts. And I’ll fill it with The LORD. I’ll fill it with the heavenlies. I’ll fill it with the glory. I’ll fill it with My power. I’ll fill it with eternity, right where you stand.”

Prayer Declaration by Brother Copeland:

“By faith, we declare the glory of The LORD—the fire by night, the cloud by day be manifested in the White House of the United States. We declare by faith the glory of The LORD to fall, fill, cover all of Capitol Hill, the Capitol building to be overflowed with the presence of the glory of God. Be it done, as You have spoken, Sir. So be it.”
This Is the Time I've 
Been Looking For!
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland
on October 24, 2013
Heritage of Faith Ministers Conference

“Put your eyes where they need to be. Look at Me,” saith The LORD. “Put My WORDS where they need to be—in your heart and mind,” saith The LORD. “Demand that your mouth and your tongue of faith do its command duty to speak My WORD and commune with Me for I have great plans, and together, we will get this job done. I will organize things for you. I will run where you’ve only been able to walk. I will take you to places that you never dreamed—that you would ever even understand. And I will bring you into a place of holiness, and a place of presence with Me, that will bring you to that spot that you were in just a moment ago—where you don’t know whether you dare speak anymore or not.

“Ah, for like Moses: ‘I’m standing on holy ground. My God is present and I am no longer His servant, I am His son, and I serve Him out of joy and thanksgiving.’

“So give forth praise, and know I am withholding nothing from you. There’s more than enough planned for you to overcome every obstacle—not only physically, not only mentally, not only financially—but spirit, soul, body, finance: in the entire spectrum of human existence has been prepared for you to walk in victory.

“Ah, these are the days of God’s great wisdom and wealth coming into the earth, for these are the days of transfer. His property, His wealth, His influence is being transferred from the coffers of the world and the kingdom of darkness, and being brought into the treasure house of the kingdom of God to carry out the gospel of this Kingdom, and to carry out the missions and the lives that I have invested in you to bring into the Kingdom.

“So rejoice. You’ve been rich all the time and some of you are just now finding out about it. Ah, but you’re a joint heir. You are a wealthy heir. You already have it—it already belongs to you. Now appropriate it and call for it, and your angels and I,” saith The LORD, “will get it into your hands. Aha, these are the days you’ve been looking for. These are the days you’ve been waiting for. So rejoice. Step out, and step up, and step in. Hallelujah!

“Ah. What about 2014? 2014 is a marvelous year in the kingdom of God. And as I said earlier,” saith The LORD, “it is The Year of Victory Over Death and the Manifestation of Love. Manifested love, which is Jesus Himself. For I am manifesting Myself in 2014 in ways that I have not done in many, many centuries. I am manifesting Myself in 2014 in ways that I have never done before on this planet. For you see, I have many things in store for this generation that have never been seen before. For it is time for the ingathering of more souls than has ever happened on planet earth before. The time has come, and you’re in it. Hallelujah! You’re in it.”
“The Year of the Great Breaking Loose”
Word of the Lord for 2016
through Dr. Jerry Savelle

“Extraordinary things are taking place in the heavenlies and 2016 will come to be known as “The Year of the Great Breaking Loose.”
    •More and more notable miracles will break loose in the     earth.
    •More and more signs and wonders.
    •More and more angelic visitations.
    •More and more instant healings.
    •More and more deliverances from demonic activity.
 And more and more finances will break loose,
 so My people can do more for the kingdom of God,” saith     the Lord.

“During this time of the great breaking loose, the enemy will no longer be able to hold back that which My faithful ones have stood in faith for—not even the things that looked as though they would never come to pass. For I will cause them to break loose and to suddenly manifest and to do so in such a way that no one will be able to deny the greatness of your God!”

“Yes, 2016 will be a year in which the faithful shall be rewarded beyond their highest expectations and they shall abound in My blessings as never before!”